Digital Signage in a
productive environment

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When and where is Digital Signage used and what does this term mean?

Digital Signage translated is "digital signage". This term covers, so to speak, everything that is needed to digitally show media contents on monitors and displays.

The use of Digital Signage is very versatile and has been integrated in our environment for years and now... we cannot longer stay without it The original advertising spaces such as advertising pillars and billboards in city centres and car parking places are being replaced with digital LED large screens or panels.


The advantage of these digital media is obvious. Media contents can be centrally delivered to these devices from anywhere in the world. The content is more versatile and can be changed quickly. Videos and interactive content can also be displayed in such a way to reach many customers at the same time. The commissioning of companies for billposting etc. can be eliminated and the benefit of an advertising space increases.

A digital signage software includes the possibility to manage multimedia contents, such as videos, images or interactive applications and web pages and also to control and change the timing. So that, display devices of different customers and contents can be assigned. These are combined in groups and the resolution of the displays or the format is also determined. The customized playlists are then assigned to this group and provided with content. A playlist can consist of one or several slides, which are provided with different content and can be changed in time and played back.


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